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Let's Look at Some Log Home Basics

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Schoen Custom Home Designs

· Log Homes are for those who want something a little different.

· Real Log Homes offers many different log styles - 47 to be exact from hand peeled to dove tail to Swedish cope to D-V- groove inside.
· Home plans can be picked from a $10 plan book, magazine, or your paper napkin. We will modify them on our in-house computer aid design program (CAD) and allow you to have a walk through to make any last minute adjustments.

Schoen Custom Railings

· Logs come in various thicknesses and heights, and their cost will vary directly to the size of the log.

·Building cost including foundations: Example of 1,200 sq. ft.: Conventional Homes $55-$65/ sq. ft., $72,000; Custom Conventional $65-$90/ sq. ft., $92,000; Owner-built Log Home $50-$65/sq. ft., $71,000; Contracted Log Home $80- $100/sq. ft., $110,000.

Construction & Financing Top

· Our homes are usually assembled by an experienced network of contractors who will do all or any part of the process.
· Typically, 25% of our homes are assembled by the homeowner and their "helpers". We monitor each stage of the progress and assist in offering options so you end up with the home of your dreams.
· It takes about 1 hour to build a square foot of home (i.e. 1200 sq. ft. = 1,200 hours of labor).
· Additional cost to the house will include: Lot ?? Well or Water (+ or-$1,500), Septic $3,000 to $10,000, Driveways $10- $12/ ft., other excavation $1,500, Electric First < 120 ft. n/c then $4-$6/ ft. Financing Cost 4-8 % of what you are borrowing.

Schoen Custom Blueprints

· We have many local banks we have worked with over the years and several financial institutions that specialize in log home construction.
· You can allow 28% of your monthly gross income to be spent for housing but not more than 36% of your total gross income can be spent on indebtedness including housing cost.
· An example of a mortgage at 8% for 30 years: $587.02 borrows $ 80,000, $880.53 borrows $ 120,000
· If one extra monthly payment per year is made, the mortgage will be paid off in 22-23 years.


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